Chika Corner VOL.1

By now a lot of you are more than aware of the larger groups that garner a lot of attention within the alt idol community but what about the newer and lesser known stuff?

Determined to spread some spotlight on them where possible I decided to team up with with my good friend Kris (That’s Mr.Moondoggie to you mate!) and take you on a short trip to Chika corner!

Every so often we’ll try to put together a short list of 2-3 acts we think are worth checking out as well everything you might need to know before doing so!

lets kick things off shall we?

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Interview with Melon Batake a go go

Not long ago a good friend of mine Kris put me on to a really cool group called “Melon Batake a go go” and am I glad he did! Honestly they might be one of the most unique and interesting things I’ve seen in the idol scene in a while. Needless to say after giving them a listen and watching a few lives on YouTube I was compelled to get to know them better and hopefully spread the word of the Melon just as Kris did to me.

Luckily for me one of their members Soze Nakamura posted about being available for interviews and promptly agreed to one with me, Happy days! After brainstorming some questions I thought you’d all be interested in reading the answers to and some major translation help from a friend on twitter (big shout out to @auhby for making this all possible) I’m finally ready to present to you, my interview with Melon Batake a go go!

From left to right; Run Rutakame, Yuffie Sakimura, Soze Nakamura, Rukatama.

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Idol ≤ Band? And why should we care?

So I woke up this morning to see this floating around on my Twitter timeline

Minanokodomochan has completely shifted from a dual unit to a band system. All live performances will be performed as a band in the future except for the currently booked shows.

Hmm I thought, another idol group that’s decided to blur the lines between idol and band, now that I’m thinking about it we’ve seen quite a bit of this recently haven’t we?

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Hey everyone! We are trying a new series here at the ALT iDOL PODCAST called the FOR FANS OF:

Where we’ll try to find a common theme between ten or so groups we believe would go great in a playlist together or are just worth checking out in general! hopefully you’ll find something new to listen to or even suggest your own FOR FANS OF: ideas!