So you want to help back BURSTGIRL with their new fundraiser on Muevo? i’ll show you how so lets get started!

Now I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I’ll explain as much as possible but some Google Translate and common sense may be required.

Right to get started get on over to their campaign page (CLICK HERE)

Next sign up for a Muevo account
(fairly self explanatory it has an English option)

Okay all done?

Go back to BURSTGIRL’s campaign page
(make sure your back on the Japanese option on Muevo or this will not work)

Now click chose plan! (the big orange button)

2018-07-12 00_15_14-【爆裂女子】前代未聞、日本縦断挑戦企画!!北海道から沖縄まで爆団が暴れまわる!? _ muevo(ミュエボ).png

It then will show you the plans in the picture below…

Use Google to translate the page and find the support level you want (I went for the 10k yen level myself but you might want to go higher or lower)

press the big orange button of the support tier you have chosen

2018-07-12 00_18_20-【爆裂女子】前代未聞、日本縦断挑戦企画!!北海道から沖縄まで爆団が暴れまわる!? _ muevo(ミュエボ).png

It will then take you into the process of completing the purchase

As the tier I choose includes a t-shirt it will ask for your chosen size, click the drop down box and choose your size then hit the big orange button to confirm!

Next up you need to enter you address!

If you haven’t already go and get yourself a Tenso address (LINK HERE)

(You’ll need proof of name and address like a driving license or passport to complete setting up your Tenso account)

Use the personal address they will then provide you to fill in the details below.

Muevo will deliver it to your Tenso address just like they would anyone living in Japan then you can arrange Tenso to send it to you!

Easy right?

Get that address filled in (you can either use Google translate or play match the kanji either way it’s pretty easy)

Then hit that big orange button (seeing a theme here?)


Next up is choosing your payment method

Muevo luckily accept both Visa and Mastercard credit cards so us baka gaijin should have no issues giving burstgirl our money here.

Select the left hand option for credit card

(unless you live in Japan and can use the other options, in that case I wonder why you are reading my guide to begin with?!)

Then you’ve guessed it, smash that big ass orange button!

burstgirl4.pngLast step!

All that’s left to do is enter your credit card details.
(don’t mind that I left mine blank, I don’t mind giving money to idols but you lot can get politely get stuffed)

Once you’ve got everything entered correctly and wiped the sweat from your brow hit that familiar looking orange button one more time!


You’ve done it!

you’ll get a confirmation email and a screen load up showing your support level purchase and also give you a box to enter a message to BURSTGIRL (get your Nihongo on as you see fit or just something nice in English will be fine)

What comes next?

We wait….

Once the campaign is complete BURSTGIRL will honour their end of the deal and send any physical benefits owed to you to your Tenso address.

(any digital items or progress reports will be delivered through Muevo)
you can find out more under my page on Muevo then clicking through the tabs!

Once it all arrives to Tenso, Tenso will let you know something has arrived and you can arrange with them to have it shipped internationally to you.

Pretty easy in all honesty.

I hope this will help getting some of you into supporting BURSTGIRL and potentially feeling confident enough in future to think about supporting more idol groups fundraiser type campaigns.


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