Chika Corner VOL.1

By now a lot of you are more than aware of the larger groups that garner a lot of attention within the alt idol community but what about the newer and lesser known stuff?

Determined to spread some spotlight on them where possible I decided to team up with with my good friend Kris (That’s Mr.Moondoggie to you mate!) and take you on a short trip to Chika corner!

Every so often we’ll try to put together a short list of 2-3 acts we think are worth checking out as well everything you might need to know before doing so!

lets kick things off shall we?

ワタシ、ムゲンダイ (Watashi Mugendai)

Seeing the use of a megaphone continue in alt idol is always a nice sight!

Watashi Mugendai is a 5 member Digital hardcore idol unit who recently debuted on the 22nd of June at Shibuya Glad, so far they have previewed two songs on their YouTube channel and have one video of them performing the songs live in full, Check em out in the video below!

I wish I could tell you more about them but at present they are still super new!

Terry (Ramen)

Official Website –
Group Twitter –
YouTube –

Miyabi “Queen of Drug”

It’s time for this lucky chickens medicine!

It’s hard to really explain Miyabi’s act outside of something that’s full of Japanese humour. She appears onstage often wearing cosplay; from school uniform to nurse uniform and military inspired get ups-or whatever the heck she feels like wearing. She’s known as “Queen of Drug” and “Medicine Onesan” often making drug references in the outfits she wears and on stage. She’s known to throw empty packets of pills into the crowd or suspicious white powder during lives or for giving away pills to fans (I believe they are actually herbal pills). She also might throw a rubber chicken your way or condom packets (I’m really not kidding…).

Miyabi started out with this act late last year from what I can gather but some of her acts seem to run longer than that. Her sound ranges from metal to genki pop songs and enka, she delivers them with a sexy smile and an interesting sense of humour. She’s been known to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to subjects like Japanese nationalism,an anti war pacifist stance and of course drugs; masquerading as a nurse who wants to give you drugs or a North Korea supporter waving the DPRK flag in a country that fears war with them.

She regularly performs at Shinjuku Motion which puts forward a lot of chika acts; both new and more established acts get their chance to shine to the group of regulars and curious wota. She’s in good company as the likes of Melon Batake a Go Go,GARUDA,Kaishin no Ichigeki and many great chika groups all appear there. Sometimes she teams up with other idols to perform in groups that are somehow more unusual and silly than her own act such as Hādo Ni Pochikon.

I think fans of Pikarin and Hanako-san will really dig her mix of yami kawaii and cosplay with punk rock inspiration and pop culture comedy. She mixes these into a drugs cocktail that will leave you addicted and  wanting more.

She has currently released a couple of venue only CDs, much like Hanako, she designs her own CD covers and merch. Miyabi is quite the artist and I really appreciate the handmade feel of her merch. Sadly both times I saw her I missed buppan (after show sales) but if you find yourself at her show I definitely recommend checking out what she has on offer.

Kris (Moondoggie)

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