It’s been almost a month but we’re finally back with a brand new ALT iDOL PODCAST! John was unable to make this week’s recording so Terry and Garry do their best to cover all of the major talking points, releases and MVs from the past few weeks. It’s a long show but there was a lot to talk about so hopefully you’re all sitting comfortably and ready for 2 hours of audiovisual magic.

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In the news this week:

– Kaqriyo Terror Architect add two new members.
– BURST GIRL are crowdfunding a nationwide tour.
– The results for this round of the BiS.LEAGUE are in.
– FRUITPOCHETTE announce a new single.
– Former BiS member Nakayama Yukiko is producing an Idol group. |
– MISTRESS reboot as the mistress.
– Gokigen Teikoku announce a whole bunch of stuff at their one-man live.
– Bonnou Paradox release “Ichiren Takusho” mini-album.
– Tentenko to release self-titled album “Tentenko” on vinyl.
– BiS to release new single “Against the Pain”.
– ・・・・・・・・・ preview new song “Ikutsuka no Yoru, Ikutsuka no Sayonara”.
– GARUDA previews “Mousugu Yukiga”.
– THE BANANA MONKEYS preview new song “My hair is life”.
– CY8ER preview new song “ByeBye”.
We also share our thoughts on MVs from Koutei Camera Girl Drei, HOLY SHiTS, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da, DaiDaiDai and the mistress.

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