After taking the better part of a month off, the podcast is back rested, refreshed and more importantly ready to get you caught up on all of the latest news, MVs and talking points from the world of Japanese Alternative Idol. Join the usual trio of Terry, Garry and John for 90 minutes of audiovisual magic that Universal Music Japan didn’t want you to see/hear!

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In the news this week:

– NECRONOMIDOL are appreaing at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon.
– Haruno Miru gets fired from THE BANANA MONKEYS after one week on the job.
– Oyasumi Hologram reveal the dates of their upcoming US tour.
– Broken By The Scream are launching a fanclub in November.
– Gokigen Teikoku create a holding company and detail plans for a Budokan performance in 2021.
– Gokigen Teikoku outline details of their upcoming album “Stand Up!!”
– GANG PARADE announce details of new single “CAN’T STOP”.
– NECRONOMIDOL announce details of upcoming album “VOIDHYMN”.
– THE BANANA MONKEYS detail upcoming mini-album “Good bye, Hello”.
– Yoneko to release debut solo single “Sugomi-chan” in November.
– NECRONOMIDOL preview “thanatogenisis”.
We also share our thoughts on MVs from HAMIDASYSTEM, GANG PARADE, NEO JAPONISM, PassCode and amiinA.


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